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December 2013
Wow....its been awhile....
Yes...Put Her In The Trunk has broken up....April of 2012.
It was a great run. Lots of great shows with great bands,movie soundtracks,sold tons of merch, recorded and sold out of all our cd's,and we had a blast. Thank YOU for coming along with us on the ride.
The guys have a few new projects going that you should check out.
Scott is now the vocalist for Above Charted Waters, Jon is playing guitar for You Win Again
and Doug is playing drums with his former Floating Face Down/Play Dead bandmates in Ratbatspider.
Show them some support...go to their shows...and who knows....PHITT may rise again one day.
September 2011
 Things have been quiet lately, part of that is because our drummer's (who does this site) computer died.
He has it running somewhat now...lol...
We have been writing some new songs, and we are planning to record an e.p. in the very near future. Hopefully in January 2012...
We have a few shows coming up, check the shows page for details.
June 2011
The cd release show was a success.
Thanks to all of you that showed up, bought a cd,
and rocked out with us.
Living Dred and 215 threw down killer sets.
If you missed it, you missed one hell of a show.
So now the cd is out. You can order it in our webstore,
and you can download the digital version HERE.
The cd comes with a bonus track NOT available on the digital download version,
it also ships with a signed poster.
We are working on getting the cd's into some store chains,
as well as ITUNES and Amazon.com. We'll keep everyone posted on that.
Next show is July 22 at The Monkey Bar with Carnal Befoulment,
and Drown The Lifeguard (Ex The Sky and the Execution).
Check the shows page for more details.
 May 2011 
 We have submitted the final artwork for "They're Coming To Get You". Production of the cd's starts on May 9. We will have them in plenty of time for the cd release show June 4th. There will be a web store set up soon for those of you that can't make it to the cd release show, but still want a cd. We are also possibly going to have a limited run of new shirts for the cd show. We have been working on some new additions to our set list and stage show, so come out on June 4th and be a part of the mayhem.  Our buds in Living Dred, and 215 will be joining us. More Details HERE
Also for a limited time before the show: Get a FREE 3 song download by clicking HERE
April 2011
 More great "Movie News" ....Our song "They're Coming To Get You Barbara" will be in the upcoming movie Night Of The Living Dead 2012. Directed by Matt Cloude. Matt Cloude's re-imagining of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead will pay homage to the timeless classic while expanding upon its storyline to explore more of the night when the dead began to rise. The movie stars: Judith O'Dea (The Original Barbara), Sarah Snyder, Terry Westfall VanLehn, Donnie Sturges, Daniel Taraschke, Karen Kettells, Mike Christopher (Hare Krishna Zombie from George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead), and David Early (Mr. Sidney Berman, TV Interviewer in George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead). Follow the movies progress at the Facebook Page , or on Twitter.
We have also booked our cd release show! It will be June 4th 2011 at J Riley's. More info on our shows page.
More things are in the works for the release of our "They're Coming To Get You" cd. Stay tuned....
 Also...Mr. "Winning" himself is a Put Her In The Trunk fan...He's got style.

We have just released the 3rd song from our upcoming cd. The song "They're Coming To Get You Barbara" is available now for streaming at our ReverbNation site.  Go check it out, and add us while you are there. We have also entered a contest on facebook to get a song in The Zombie Movie. Go "like" the Zombie Movie page, and then "like" our pic in the Rockstars Vote album, and leave a comment . We also have a show April 23rd in Bay View. Check the shows page for details.

Underground Kings Metal Tournament

Put Her In The Trunk is now in the first round of the Underground Kings Metal Tournament. Help us get to the next round. Click The link, scroll down and vote for Put Her In The Trunk. No sign ups, just click and vote :) Share the link everywhere you can. Thanks


February 2011 

  We have just finished our new cd with producer Eric LaBrosse of Cherry Pit Studios. We had a great experience recording with him, in his awesome studio. We feel we've finally recorded the energy of the band, in the way it should be heard. We are psyched to have  Rich Cseri from Waukesha Tattoo Company to do our cover. Soon we will have more info on when the cd will be available. There will be cd release shows (all ages, and drinking) booked soon.  For now we have a new song "Compression" available for streaming. Guest vocals by our good friend Nate Forcey (The Sky and the Execution/White Knuckle Trip). Let us know what you think, and please help spread the word.

Band email marketing Quantcast

Things are coming along great with the recording of our cd.  Eric LaBrosse and Cherry Pit Studios are the best! We can't wait to get it out to you all.  Below is a teaser to give you an idea of how good the recording is this time. 
 December 2010 
Huge thaks to everyone that came out to J Rileys and rocked with us, Living Dred, and Evenstar.
That was the last Put Her In The Trunk show for 2010. We will be off the radar for a month or so... while rehearsing for, and recording our next album.  See you in 2011. If you want more frequent updates "like" our facebook page.
November 2010 
Thanks to everyone that came to the Rave,
and rocked with us at the Debra Lynn remembrance show.
We've posted some video of the show on our facebook page .
If you missed it, you missed the chance to be one of the first among your friends
to wear one of our killer new zombie hoodies.
Don't worry, we still have some available.
We have some really cool news to share...
We will be recording our new album at Cherry Pit Studios, with Producer Eric LaBrosse
(He has worked with Cain and Abel/Blankimage/Marashino/The Heroes Lie/Bellevue Suite).
Eric's work with the bands mentioned is amazing, and we can't wait to get started with him. We booked the studio starting January 22,2011.
We are super psyched. This will be the place that will capture the sound we want to share with all of you....
finally....a REAL studio, with a REAL producer. So with that, we will be rehearsing rigorously until we enter the studio.
The next (and possibly last until after the recording) show is at J Rileys in Menomonee Falls December 3rd.
Our good friends in Living Dred and Evenstar will be joining us...you don't want to miss it.
More details on our shows page.
Yes ...we will have the new zombie hoodies at this show :)
October 2010  
Things are rockin' along here...Zombiefeast on October 15th at Club Anything.
It has been brought to our attention,
that the massive outbreak of kids putting girls in trunks has finally gotten out of hand.
Even our own kids have taken our band name literally, and joined in.
We should probably consider a name change, so we can be more "family oriented".
Maybe something like Put The Entire Family In The Trunk
for a nice trip to gumdrop river to pick apples...That might offend the residents near
gumdrop river....and have apple preservation advocates all up in arms....hmmm
this might be tough....
Maybe we should just join everyone else
in their crusade to harass and eliminate bands who's names could be offensive and promote evil.
First on that list would have to be Def Leppard....
How could anyone want to deprive a leopard of its hearing? Someone should call PETA NOW!
How about Alice In Chains? What did Alice do that was so horrible? Chains? Really!?
What about Black Eyed Peas? Seriously...
taking violence out on defenseless vegetables?
Is that what we want the children of the world to be exposed to?
How about Cannibal Corpse? Corpses that eat each other?...that could seriously reduce the need for cemetery's.... put grave diggers, and funeral homes out of work...is that such a good idea,
considering the state our economy is in right now?
People NEED to over think things like band names, so things like this do not happen.
We applaud them all.
We never realized what we could be doing when we decided on our
extremely offensive evil promoting non-family oriented band name.
We will also consider not playing our new song about zombies, just in case we are offending any.
We will keep you posted on whatever we change our name to, when and if we decide to change it.
Thank you for understanding.
September 2010 
We would like to thank everyone that voted for us in the Guitar Center Open for KISS contest.
We didn't win,
but all of your votes got us to 6th place (out of more than 200 bands).
That's pretty awesome.

Dress like a zombie to get 2$ off the cover charge.
We have a show in November at The Rave.
Killer Area bands paying  tribute to Debra Lynn.
She did a lot for the West Bend Music scene, and she was always good to us.
We have tickets available for this show for 10$.
For a limited time
you can get them at the new Sk8 shop in Menomonee Falls (Tweakboarding) for 5$ (half price).
They also carry Eternyl Clothing there. 
So go check them out, buy a ticket and an Eternyl shirt while you're there.
We will have some merch available there soon.
 We are currently writing some new stuff, while getting our new bass player Mike up to speed with our songs. We hope to get in the studio before the end of the year to record our cd.
Until then you can download our rehearsal recordings cd for free HERE.
August 2010
 We would like to announce that we have found our new bass player.
Mike LeBeau will be playing bass with us now.
He has played guitar in bands with Doug and Jon in the past,
and he's decided to pick up the bass and rock with us. We're glad to have him aboard.
We would also like to announce our new sponsorship with Eternyl Clothing Company. Check them out!
July 2010
Thanks to everyone that came out to the show with Cause For Revelation.
You were probably wondering why we were one member short that night.
Dan decided to quit the band at Mondays rehearsal.
I'm not going to get into details, I will say it wasn't a happy parting.... pretty much a blindside.
Without Blinking, I could rattle of 182 reasons why it was handled like a bad drama movie...... but I won't.
Now its time for us to suck it up :) and move on.
We will be auditioning bass players during the next few weeks,
and we still will be playing all the shows we have booked. 
We will probably be booking more shows during that time as well.
We have a full merch trunk, with new shirt designs... and we need to empty it.
So if you, or someone you know would like to audition send us an email and we'll set it up.

Happy 4th everyone!

For a limited time you can download our 2010 ep for FREE

Click here to start download

Spread the word the link with code is



June 2010

Lots of shows on the way. 2 all ages shows in the beginning of June...check the shows page for details.

We have also entered a contest to open for KISS. Click the banner below, go to Milwaukee Metro Area and click the demand it button after Put Her In The Trunk. We have to stay in the top 5 to have a chance. Tell everyone you know to give us a vote. Use zip code 53223 (Or any Wisconsin zip code)  Thanks.

If the banner doesn't work, click here and vote



April 2010

We uploaded 4 new rehearsal tracks to our myspace , reverb nation, and facebook pages. Something until we head into the studio and record the album later this year. Listen on the player below, add the widget to your myspace, and facebook.   We are in writing mode now. We have one new song done, and more on the way.




March 2010

  Many discussions have taken place after getting the "final" mix of our cd. We aren't at all happy with the results.

The studio doesn't have the ability to get this to sound like we want. We should have known from the beginning, but we didn't. We have decided to scrap the whole thing, and start again at a REAL studio in... a few months. Sorry for the delay, your patience is appreciated.


February 2010


No Go for the Over Kill show. The Rave moved the show to the basement and aren't having local bands play now...


January 2010

We are currently in the process of getting added to the Over Kill 25th anniversary show

at the Rave April 10th.

Warbringer , Woe Of Tyrants, Evile, Vader, God Dethroned, and Lazarus AD are also on the bill.

We'll have more details on getting tickets from us soon.

 Friday we start recording the cd , and our friends EVENSTAR have been added to the Feb 20th show. You DON'T want to miss this show.




January 2010

  First post of the new year...

  Practices for recording the cd are going great. We can't wait to record. Its long overdue. We're planning on a full  ALL NEW cd for 2010. Plus we may re-record the last 4 song cd (with Tony and Scott), and re-release it sometime this year.

  If any of you are feeling creative, we are looking for art/concepts for the cd, and a title....send us an email with any ideas and you'll get credit on the cd.

Also if you're looking to get some ink done... Check Out Wisconsin's newest tattoo shop:

Waukesha Tattoo Company


Rich Cseri, Barry Jaeger, and George Wang !


December 2009

 Huge thanks to everyone that rocked out with us at the music academy in West Bend.

All the bands threw down killer sets...It was a great time.

We have some more dates booked in 2010. We start recording our new cd in January at Batcave Studios in Milwaukee. When the cd is done...we'll have a 21+, and an ALL AGES cd release. Stay Tuned for details.

See you in 2010 !


November 2009

 Big thanks to everyone that came out to J Riley's on Friday the 13th. You all made Scott's first show one to remember!  Also huge thanks to Cause For Revelation, and Wrecking Crew  for an awesome night.

Metal Shakers in Chicago was a HUGE disappointment. Total clusterfuck...You wont see us there again.

 We sold out of all our new Jason mask hoodies...we will be printing some more soon, and we will have them at our next show December 19 @ West bend Music Academy.

We finally booked studio time for our next cd. We will be recording our new cd at Batcave Studios in Milwaukee , starting on January 22, 2010.

We have some other shows in the works as well...check back often.


 October 2009

As you can see, we've added some more shows. We are now booking again. We also will have NEW shirts and hoodies For the Friday The 13th Comeback Show @ J Riley's in the Falls.

Also if you need some killer ink done...check him out:





September 2009

We are psyched to announce
Scott Roth of Self Incision will be our new singer.
Once he's up to speed with our stuff, we will be booking shows again, as well as recording a new cd.

Thank you to all of you that tried out.


We will be back shortly....
..The Undead don't die and go away, they rise and destroy.


August 2009

  We are currently looking for an energetic new singer, that can scream high and low (clean singing is a plus if you can do it)
We've been together for about 3 years, and have 2 cd's out, and a song on a movie soundtrack.
We have a practice space on the NW side of Milwaukee, and practice 2 nights a week from 6pm to 8pm (so thats only 4 hours a week total)..
We HAVE a P.A., and we're working on a new cd.
We are looking for someone dedicated, that WANTS to be in a band (someone that shows up for practice, and helps with load and unload of equipment at shows).
We are laid back, and do this for fun, but we take the time we put into the band seriously.
MUST have own transportation to and from practice.
send an email to set up an audition.

June 2009

 WE ARE CURRENTLY RECORDING OUR NEXT CD. WHEN IT IS FINISHED WE'LL BE BOOKING SHOWS AGAIN.. Also...The awesome people at Mental Shed Records have put out a comp of Wisconsin's most Extreme bands. We have 2 songs on it , and its FREE to download. Click the banner below to download. Check out the other cd's they have for download as well. We're stoked to be a part of it :)

 Wisconsin Sickness Vol. 1 free download
Wisconsin Sickness Vol. 1 free download


  April 2009

 We are busy writing  NEW songs, and booking shows...plans to start recording soon. Our Street team Leader Jessie got us a FREE Ringtone site...click below to get your FREE Put Her In The Trunk Ringtones.




 December 2008

  We've been pretty busy this month. We played the Rictus Grin 10th anniversary party, Released our 2008 demo cd, Started a facebook page ,did a photoshoot ,and booked a show at the Rave with Unearth. More stuff to come in 2009...


 September  2008

  Our song Devil's Experiment is used in the movie BRUTAL. The film was done by Milwaukees own Nuna Minch.
BRUTAL will have its premiere Thursday, October 30 at 7 p.m. at Milwaukee's Downer Landmark Theatre (2589 N. Downer Avenue). You can find out more about it at its MySpace page.  We'll be there....get your tickets now!! Don't miss it.

There is a cool review of the movie at the fangoria website.





August  2008

 We just posted four new songs with Cameron on vocals. You can hear them on our myspace page , as well as our purevolume page. leave some comments, and let us know what you think.

If you would like to get involved with helping to promote Put Her In The Trunk, join our street team.  



June 2008 


    When a band loses a member, it usually brings them down. As we have proved before....... it won't stop us!

   Yes, its official.....

We have found our new guitar player. Anthony Kuehl will be taking over guitar for Scott. We are excited, and have some renewed energy as of now. As soon as he's up to speed with all our songs, we will be aggressively booking shows again. Anthony's first show with us show is July 12, at the ring. Please come out and show your support.


 May 2008

   Yes...we have recently learned that Scott will be leaving the band. As one of the founding members of the band, its sad to see him go. There are no hard feelings and we wish him well. He is going to help make the transition of bringing in a new guitarist as smooth as possible. Scott is also going to record the cd as planned.

    With that, we will be looking for another guitarist. Someone that has their own equipment and transportation. We practice twice a week. Usually Thursday nights from 6pm to 8pm, and Sunday at noon(untill football starts, then it moves to Saturday at noon). We are all about having fun, but need a level of commitment as well. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, email  and we'll set up an audition.

    Our next show is July 12 @ The Ring with the legendery Killwhitneydead. and Carnifex!

  We have new shirts/hoodies and they'll be available online soon...for now you can get them at our shows. 



February 2008

   For reasons unknown  our page on myspace was unexpectedly deleted.  The nice people at myspace delete you before telling you what they have a problem with. We have a new page up so please add us again.

   We have a bunch of shows scheduled in the next few months,and we will be trying to record our full length cd. For now we have a track up on our myspace page that has Cameron's vocals....go check it out and leave a comment. 




Past News


December 2007

New singer

Yes ....it is true...

Put her In The Trunk is done auditioning vocalists. We have enlisted the talents of Cameron (x- Fallen Sephera). We played our first show with him last Saturday in West Bend. He practiced with us twice (and the first was his audition)....and threw down something fierce onstage that night. Hes full of energy , with the voice to match. We're very happy he's come aboard.

We'll have pics from the show up soon. We'll also be adding a online merch order page soon. We have shirts and hoodies available. For now you can pick em up at shows, but they'll be available online soon.

 Also we'll be recording some stuff with Cameron soon as well....stay tuned

next show is in January.....be there!



November 2007


Vocal Auditions

We are looking for a singer. Click HERE to download 4 songs without vocals. Throw some lyrics to em, and email  to set up an audition.

Our singer just bailed on us. We have shows booked, we have an ep in circulation, and shirts/merch. We are ready (and were planning) to record a full length cd in January. We have our own studio. We practice 2 times a week. Usually Thursday night from 6pm to 8 - 8:30 pm, and Saturday from noon till 3. We practice on the northwest side of Milwaukee by the 91st and good hope area. We are serious about the music,but also want to have fun with it. We've all been in bands over the years that have played all over Wisconsin and abroad.  We are looking for a vocalist that can scream (high/low...ability to mix it up) and clean vocal ability is a plus, and one that can be energetic on stage. Must have own transportation, to and from practice/audition. We have a PA so there's no need to bring anything.


July 2007 


Daath show

 So getting to play with Daath was incredible...Very cool guys. It was an awesome show. Face of Ruin Threw down with a face ripper set. Very cool guys as well. We hope to play with them alot in the future. Big thanks to Takis for doing our sound. Its always nice having someone you trust  behind the soundboard :). Big Dave Vnuk said he wants us back again soon....he said he has Exodus coming.....my fingers are crossed.  We'd also like to thank all of you that came out to the show....Thanks to Dezzz from Chrome Promotions for coming out. We'll be working with her in the future for some shows. Check her site out .

 We have our cd's done. We'll have them at shows...come out and get one. We might do a mailorder thing as well if there is enough interest. Email your address if you want a cd.

 We have a few new songs in the works, so we'll have some new stuff by the next show.

Take Care...and Go see Transformers...best movie so far this summer!